Clashing at Demon's Head

Week 3

Party wanted to head to see the Oracle.

On their way out, the party heard about some hunters that were missing, so they followed them. Turns out there were some were-dudes, killed em, took the stuff they stole.

Calladhan found his tinfoil of trash fungus waffles.

Party continued to the Oracle, got attacked by some little dragons on the way. Weren't no thing.

Party got to the Oracle, the Oracle sent them to a cave.

Grady led them to the cave, Daniel found a stone rod with an image of a magpie flying over a slug. It didn't make much sense, but Daniel would eventually figure out how to use it by scouring his knowledge of pop culture.

Inside the cave, there was a barbed devil that spewed out plot points. He was summoned by an orc, but planned to betray the orc to conquer the Tetrad. But to do that, he'd summon a demon lord. Except he accidently summoned the wrong one cuz he were tricked by Fraz'Urbluu. 

Demon summoned a buddy, attacked the party.

Party won, went back to Oracle, got magical oracle juice sprayed all over them, and went up a few levels.

Party was told they'd need to journey east across the desert to find the strength to fight back, and that they should just assume the entire Tetrad would be destroyed by the time they got back.

Party looked west toward Stone Falls and found it was already too late for them.



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